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Taiwanese restaurant creates worlds most expensive soup

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Soup can be far more complex than it seems, with the delicate balance of flavor requiring a skilled chef with an evolved palette. Even so, when most people think of soup, they don’t consider paying a lot of money. After all, to the layman, soup is not much more than hot food water.

So how much would you pay for a good bowl of Beef Noodle Soup? If you said $300 and are interested in Taiwanese cooking, then I have the perfect deal for you.

Chef Wang Cong-Yuan says he has spent the last 26 years researching and perfecting his own version of this classic dish, and he claims it is worth every cent.


Unlike most outrageously priced meals, the reason for the price in this case is not the addition of bizarre and unnecessary ingredients such as gold leaf or ethically farmed rare truffles, but rather of an investigation by Wang into what people would pay for his best work.

On questioning his various high class and wealthy clientele on what they would pay for his best bowl of beef noodles, the response was oddly uniform, with most reporting that they would pay around $10,000 Taiwan for the dish (around $300 US), and so that’s where he set his price.

Though many say that Wang overcharges for this dish, he remains steadfast in his pricing, saying there are six main reasons as to why his food stands far above the rest. These are his soup blending technique, the quality of his noodles, the quality of his beef, the custom cuts of this beef, the freezing technique he used to store his food, and the minimal seasoning that he uses.


For less wealthy customers, Wang offers a cheaper version of this dish which comes in at a relatively cheap $200 New Taiwan or a little over $6 USD. Despite the offering of a much cheaper alternative, Wang says that he manages to sell a bowl of his most expensive dish almost every day.

So if you’re a big fan of beef noodle soup, are located in or are visiting Taipei, and have enough money to blow, then check out the Niu Ba Ba restaurant, and be sure to report to the rest of us if it tastes as good as it sounds.shutterstock_340992857

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