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Thailand comes up with their own unique way to prevent university cheating

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  • 2016

You would hope that cheating in university exams isn’t widespread, after all, anyone who does cheat on such tests is only hampering their own ability in later life. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as cheating remains common all over the world.

In order to combat this problem, a highly regarded Thai university, located in Bangkok, have come up with their own useful, though silly, solution. Perhaps understanding that a similar course of action as a recent Indian police force enacted, which is to make everyone strip down to their underwear, is not especially viable for university students, they instead decided to add blinders to their students.


Apart from making these students look like the common racehorse, these sheets of A4 papers serve to eliminate the peripheral vision of the students, eliminating the risks of cheating via a sneaky sideways glance.

This method was adopted after overcrowding in the examination rooms meant the students would be placed abnormally close together. The solution was agreed upon by both the faculty and the students themselves, and is similar to a more aggressive approach adopted by Thailand’s Civil Aviation Society, which placed cardboard boxes on the heads of examinees, with one of the sides cut out.

Silly? Undoubtedly. Effective? Definitely.


Photo Credits: Thiranun Quantum & Noppasit TH

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