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Thailand Monks to Go on Diet and Fitness Due to Obesity Issues

  • 31
  • 03
  • 2016

Monks are renowned for moderation and meditation. This is the reason exactly why obesity issues are a huge deal among monks in Thailand. New researches showed that Buddhist monks in the country are obese. Monks are known to follow a daily ritual of collecting food and drink as donations.

However, scientists also concluded that the same tradition contributes to the obesity epidemic among the saffron-clad spirituals. According to the study, roughly half the monks in Thailand are obese and suffering from health issues related to their condition. Health risks such as high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure were pointed out.


Moreover, the mainly sedentary lifestyle of temple monastic life spent in meditation and prayer is also considered contributor. Due to the startling results of the new research, religious, academic and health officials launched the campaign for the promotion of leaner clerical living. The program aims to wean monks off their unhealthy diet. It also aims to teach them about nutritional balanced meals as well as encourage them to observe a regular exercise regimen.

The campaign goal is to assist monks to lead healthier and longer lives as well as reduce medical fees. The government basically covers the medical costs for monks and members of the clergy.


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