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The Bovine Beauty Pageant where the Beauty IS the Beast

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  • 2016

The local Indian government recently had occasion to shine a light on the good looks of cows and bulls.

More than 630 bovines walked the runway with their owners, some more graceful than others. A few poor cows had to be dragged on the ramp because of their shyness or stubbornness.

The main idea of the bovine beauty pageant was to raise awareness about animal health and promote local breeds, which is why only indigenous cows were allowed to enter the contest.

Cow with decorated horns

Farmers from all over Haryana state heard the news and united in the farmers’ town Rohtak, hoping their cow or bull would be chosen winner of their category. A total of 18 winners were chosen that day in various categories, strictly judged.

Bulls had to impress the judges with their size, looks, and length of their horns. Cows, on the other hand, had to dazzle with their milk-yielding capacities.

The hardworking farmers didn’t intend only to entertain when they signed up for this spectacle. Each winner took home a heartwarming prize, but the most heartwarming of all was 250,000 rupees (roughly $3600 or £2,500).

Cows with hats

“I have brought my best cow for the show and she has won a prize,” said Randhir Singh, a much honored farmer from Dwarka village. “I wanted my cow to win and she has done me proud,” he added.

Even though India is one of the largest producers of cow milk, the output of each individual cow is less than from cows in America or Europe. The government is aiming to revert this by offering better veterinary support and counselling to cattle farmers to improve milk yields of domestic cows.


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