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The Dream Yosacoy Festival

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Want to experience a mix of tradition with a modern twist? As the winter season is approaching, Tokyo is expecting at least 600,000 tourists—local and international—at the 16th Dream Yosacoy Festival, which will take place on the 4th until the 6th of November.

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The Dream Yosacoy Festival is one of the largest and much-awaited fun festivals in Japan. And for good reason; it offers 3 days of countless dance performances from 80 teams with over 6,000 dancers in total!

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Although Japan is known for following traditions to a tee, this one-of-a-kind celebration embraces change, individuality, and flexibility.

What to Expect

Drumbeats, lively music, loud chants, funky hairstyles, and intricately designed costumes that scream traditional-chic spread across the metro. This is as big as a dance festival can get!

Trust us when we say you’ll discover sights and sounds that appeal to different generations yet surprisingly jives with every single person in the crowd.

Onlookers can also join in on the fun and dance with different teams during their performance. For tourists that crave for something more special, free Yosacoy dance lessons are offered at selected venues (Odaiba, by Fuji Television, and in front of Yurakucho Station)

Noisemakers are also a must so make sure to bring one with you!


Due to the massive number of dance troupes participating in the event, performances are spread out across Tokyo for a far more immersive festival experience.

Event-goers can witness the diverse dance routines from different groups in the following areas:

  • Odaiba area
  • In front of Diver City Tokyo Plaza
  • Fuji Television
  • Tokyo Symbol Prom Park. fronting Panasonic Center Tokyo

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  • Tokyo Fashion Town at the terrace on the side of Yurikamome
  • Marunouchi, which can be found in between the Shin-Marunouchi Building and the Marunouchi Building
  • In front of Yurakucho Station

How to Get There

The festival happens in different venues so you’ll have to know how to get to one location and head on over to another. You can travel on foot or ride the train and get off at the nearest train station to your earmarked location.

You can reach the Daiba venue if you get off at either the Rinkai Line Tokyo Teleport Station or the Yurikamome Daiba Station. To reach Marunouchi, you need to make a stop at the JR Tokyo Station or take the train going to Toei Mita Line Otemachi Station.

Location Details


The Dream Yosacoy Festival 2017


1-8-1 Daiba, Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan

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