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The Asian Fish That Is Worth Up To $300,000 – Apparently It Brings Luck

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For the majority of the world’s population, $300,000 is an amount far  more than we could even dream of making in a few years. But for some, it is the price which needs to be paid in order to own a very special fish-friend.

The Asian Arowana, commonly referred to as the dragon fish, is a highly sought after and endangered fish. It is believed to bring good luck and prosperity and is held in the highest regard among collectors and fish lovers. It is seen to be both a friend and adviser, in one.


The dragon fish has large red, gold, or green scales which are as round as coins. Upon maturity, it can reach lengths similar to a samurai sword, two to three feet.

This special fish seems to enchant those nearby and there has been a long history of violence and murder surrounding the endangered fish. As a result of this, security protocols are strict and guards are often found to watch over the fish, night and day.


These fish are no longer found breeding in the wild. Instead, their early years are spent in high-security farms throughout Asia. One farm, in particular, has large walls, watch towers, and vicious dogs prowling the perimeter. The fish are even microchipped in case of theft.

Alan Teo, a Malaysian entrepreneur who owns a similar fish farm, claimed a Las Vegas casino baron recently purchased a mature dragon fish for $300,000. However, the majority of the fish are sold for only a couple thousand dollars when young as it is believed to create a deeper relationship.

The New York Post went to investigate the persistent rumour that Chinese tycoons pay huge sums to dine on the endangered species. With an interpreter at hand they set out to dine Guangzhou the interpreter could hardly keep a straight face while requesting the fish at a seafood restaurant.

“It’s like asking to eat something inedible — like an iron,” explained the giggling young man, whose favorite dish was dog.

It is illegal to bring the fish into the States. However, an extensive black market is thriving in New York and Los Angeles.

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