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The Slums of India now have their own cricket league

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  • 2016

Cricket is played by kids all over the country and many have dreams of becoming the next Sachin Tendulkar, legendary Indian cricketer. In India, “cricket is a religion, and cricketers are gods.”

However, the children living in the slums of India previously had no opportunity to share this dream, the rising costs of equipment, training and competitions made it unachievable. Unfortunately for Indian children, the opportunity to play cricket was decided by a lottery at birth.

Mr Pundir, a former Indian Government Employee has initiated a Slums Cricket movement and last October gave the children living in the Delhi Slums a chance to play the sport professionally.

Today, hundreds of underprivileged children can be seen practicing cricket after school, not only giving them the opportunity to develop a career in cricket but also providing these children with vital life skills, such as teamwork, communication and confidence.

The Slum Cricket League has been continuously expanding and leagues now exist throughout many parts of Delhi, with a grand tournament looking to be played throughout the whole Dehli area.

Some psychologists have suggested that children living in the slums of India lack confidence from an early age and the growing inequality in India can result in these children falling easy prey to addiction and crime.

By allowing the children to dream and have ambitions, a much larger social change is occurring. These children are being given a voice and now have the opportunity to be equal regardless of wealth and social standing.


Photo credits: Vitaly Khodyrev/Anubhab Roy/Zigroup-Creations

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