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A Robot Staffed Hotel In Japan – The ‘Weird Hotel’

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  • 2016

Why does Japan always get the cool stuff?

Sometimes it’s not fair. In Japan, you have great food, awesome arcade games, catchy music, amazing landscapes, the latest technology, and what seems like an unlimited number of robots.

Robots you say?

Yep, I said robots. They run restaurants and customer service desks. They help in hospitals and with the elderly. And now, you can find them running hotels.

The aptly named ‘weird hotel’ can be found near the Tokyo Disney Resort and is mostly staffed by these scary and somewhat lovable robots. Upon entering the establishment, guests are greeted by a variety of robots found at the entrance and then ushered into the lobby where check-in can occur. An intimidating dinosaur, a lifelike female humanoid, and a small android are available to take payments and discuss room options. These robots have become the recognizable feature of these ‘weird hotels.’

To further add to the hotel’s technological focus, guests are not given a room key but instead use face recognition technology to enter their rooms. Inside, they can find a small android alarm clock that is able to answer questions about time, temperature, and the local area.

The operator, Huis Ten Bosch Inc., has plans to open further hotels around the country and is looking towards the Aichi and Osaka Prefectures next.

japan hotel

The hotel has a total of 100 rooms which are priced around $80 USD

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