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There is a pillow on the market that streams music

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  • 2016

If you’re somebody who struggles to fall asleep without music or soothing sounds, but is more than a little fed up with reaching out of bed to reduce the volume on your phone or waking up at 3am with an earbud buried deep inside your ear, we’ve got just the thing.

The ZEEQ pillow streams from Apple Music and Spotify and has “sleep tracks” built in. Eight speakers sit inside the pillow but it does more than just play music – it also tracks your sleep activity, vibrates when you snore and vibrates to wake you up.

The pillow has already raised almost a quarter of a million dollars on Kickstarter, and its creators say that just because it’s smart doesn’t mean it’s not also comfortable.

“All the technology in the world will never be more important than softness, support, and premium materials, but luckily ZEEQ integrates technology and comfort seamlessly,” they say.

The pillow will set you back about £135, but if music is necessary for your beauty sleep it could be worth the investment. .

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