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This Chinese Village was Taken Over by Monkeys

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  • 2016

Above photo credit – Attila JANDI

A small Chinese village’s plan to promote tourism has backfired into an uncontrollable situation. Although the beginning phase was a success, the dream soon turned into a living nightmare.

The town of Xianfeng, in southwest China, lured in 73 monkeys in 2003 in order to create a tourist attraction that would boost the local economy.

The first few years worked like a charm, thousands of visitors arrived just for the monkeys, and investors emptied their pockets in the town.

Three monkeys

Unfortunately, the long-term vision did not turn out as planned or maybe wasn’t planned at all. Villagers now complain of monkeys breaking into their houses, violently scratching their way through to steal food.

Last year, 2015, there was a count of 600 mischievous monkeys running and jumping through the town.

Village chief He Youliang said, “There are now more monkeys than villagers. These monkeys are aggressive and they steal villagers’ food and scratch people. They are used to living in our village, so now we cannot get rid of them and we do not know what to do.”

Although the town’s officials did not hesitate to start controlling the situation, there are still 300 monkeys putting their foot down and claiming the town as their natural habitat.

Monkeys playing

Local villagers claim they had to stop planting crops because the monkeys would snatch it all.

A local farmer also stated that the monkeys were once looked after by an ecotourism company investor, but he died in 2014, leaving the monkeys without care and marking the moment the monkeys would have to look after themselves.


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