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This Olympic diving champion is only 15 and viewers are feeling very inadequate

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  • 08
  • 2016

There was one competitor that out-dived everyone else in the women’s 10m platform final in Rio, and went on to claim the gold medal.

And no one can quite believe it, because China’s Ren Qian is only 15 years old. Yep, she was literally born in (wait for it) 2001.

She definitely proves that age is no barrier – as the commentator said, she gave us all a diving masterclass. Well, you know, if you have any idea how diving works, that is.

Of course it led to lots of “when I was 15…” tweets.

Yep, just like when 16-year-old Amy Tinkler won bronze for Team GB in gymnastics in Rio, Ren Qian winning at 15 has made us all question our life choices.

Sadly, Team GB’s Tonia Couch didn’t do quite so well. In fact, she came bottom of the table as she finished 12th, which is obviously gutting after years of training so hard – but Team GB supporters were tweeting how proud they are of her.

Tonia Couch dives off the platform
(David Davies/PA)

The 27-year-old from Plymouth said: “I’m getting old and it’s getting harder, but fingers crossed I keep my body together for the synchro in a few years’ time.

“I don’t think that’s the end of me just yet. I had the time of my life this last couple of weeks and it’s sad it’s over.”

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