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Thousands of Nicely Groomed Dogs Attend the Thailand Dog Festival

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  • 2016

Dog shows are as common as they are enjoyable. In Thailand, the dog festival lures an impressive 200,000 visitors, all eager to be delighted by nicely pampered dogs.

The Thailand Dog Festival went live for its 15th year 30 June to 3 July and showcased 4,000 dogs from 15 countries. Those are very impressive numbers.

German Shepherd being shown

Photo credit – Lev Radin

Photographs were taken of the dogs as they underwent extensive and meticulous grooming before the show started.

Animal-friendly make-up was used to add some glamour to these pups.

Trimming and brushing seemed like the main activity before every showcase. Dogs were photographed being brushed into more fluffiness, others being applied special make-up to make them look whiter or blacker, depending on their color.

Dog show grooming

Photo credit – Perkin Oleksii

The dogs did not seem at all uncomfortable with the process. In fact, it seemed they enjoyed the attention, standing steadily and quietly while the owners gave the final touches.

The adorable pictures speak for themselves.

Dog show beagle

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