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Tibetan Prayer Flags Carry Love and Compassion

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  • 2016

Tibetal Prayer Flags

These are prayer flags flying in the breeze. The tradition of putting up prayer flags goes back to ancient times. Legend attributes the origin of prayer flags to the Buddha, but their origin probably goes back even further to the Bon tradition which came before Buddhism.

It is a common misconception that the flags have prayers printed on them to be sent to the gods. But actually, the flags have prayers and mantras printed on them for the purpose of promoting peace and compassion.

Tibetans believe that the wind will blow those prayers and mantras to spread good will and compassion throughout the area. They are placed high so that they wave and sway in the wind to emit positive spiritual vibrations that then journey to the surrounding area carrying peace and love.

Tibetan Prayer Flags

Each color on a prayer flag is symbolic of one of five elements.

  • blue for sky
  • white for air
  • red for fire
  • green for water
  • yellow for earth

Prayer flags are left unhemmed so that the material will fray as the printing fades. This is considered auspicious and symbolic of how all things pass.

It is particularly auspicious to get prayer flags as a gift. So now you know what to request for your next birthday.

Tibetan Prayer Flags

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