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Tokyo to welcome Shake Shack in 2016

  • 28
  • 07
  • 2016

Shortly after going public, Shake Shack announced its first move into East Asia by revealing plans for a Tokyo location this year. The New York City-based fast food chain will bring its signature crinkle-cut fries to a total of 10 locations in Japan by 2020.


Since the company’s founding in 2000 as a food cart for a festival with a focus on New York style hot dogs, the company has grown steadily and expanded both domestically and abroad, while also expanding their menu options to include all natural beef burgers and milkshakes . The move to Tokyo is a collaboration with SAZABY LEAGUE, the company that also introduced Starbucks to the Japanese.


Tokyo will be introduced to a New York phenomenon, as lines for Shake Shack in New York City can sometimes be an hour long. From a business perspective, the Tokyo location should bring good news to the city as well. Shake Shack locations outperform their McDonald’s competitors by more than double on average.

A big part of Shake Shack’s success comes from its connection to its customer base. When the company changed course in their French fries recipes (switching from frozen crispy fries to hand-cut regular fries), the backlash from their fans made them reconsider and return to their original course, canceling out a year of training staff and redesigned kitchens.

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