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Trendy batik fashions

Trendy Batik Fashions for the Modern Man

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  • 2016

Fashion trends have made their way from Japan to Indonesia. If there was any doubt about that, Men’s Fashion Week, which took place in Plaza Indonesia in September 2016, made it clear that Japanese trends are here to stay – at least for now.

Trendy batik fashions


But as usual, Indonesian fashion designers are turning Japanese trends like cropped trousers, baggy pants, and layered sweats into fashion statements that have a definite Indonesian flavor.

Parang Kencana and other high-end Indonesian batik fashion houses displayed their trendy collections at the recent exhibition. Parang Kencana’s collection was aptly titled Ikemen, Japanese for good-looking men.

Trendy batik fashions

Many of these trendy fashions are priced for the middle class and are touted as a way for the average guy to look more fashionable.

Batik has traditionally been worn for formal events, but certainly, these fashions dispel the notion that batik is only for serious clothing. Because of that, young Indonesian people now find batik appealing.

Batik fabric comes in many traditional designs, but batik artists have taken note of this new market and are now making batik design in new, modern styles. So if the Japanese/Indonesian trendy styles are just a bit too exotic for you, you can buy fabric and have your own clothing made at your local tailor.

Trendy batik fashions

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