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Vietnamese man employs dangerous new car theft prevention method

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  • 2016

Granted, that was only a side effect of the man’s actions, which are fairly bizarre to begin with.

When most of us think meat we think of a few main groups. To the western word we think of cows, pigs, fish and chicken, predominantly. To say other nations have odd taste in food is simply an expression of differences of traditions that are carried by our cultures.

Insects, for example, are a fantastic food source in much of the world, that many of us have been conditioned to think of us as non-edible. The same can be said for snake meat, which is considered a delicacy in some areas of Vietnam.


That was the explanation given for a man who was recently caught with 53 king cobras in his car, while he transported them to an illegal market.

The sale and trading of king cobras are illegal, due to concerns about endangerment of the species, not that this stops many with little regard for the law.

The man probably won’t be trying this again anytime soon, and should probably be thankful that he got off without several hundred snakebites.

The snakes were treated and safely released back into the wild.


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