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Vietnam’s Lovable Moon Bear

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  • 2016

Most of us grow up fearing bears – at least in a personal encounter. Our parents tell us to be careful and never enter the forest alone. Movies and cartoons show that the bad guy is always the bear. Well, in most cases, that’s correct.

But if you have a look at the pictures below, I would have a hard time believing Bradley the Moon bear would be able to intimidate you.

In 2011, Bradley was rescued from a life of abuse and horrible living conditions at a bear bile farm in the area of Kontum, Vietnam. Shortly after, he was taken to the Animals Asia Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre, along with his twin sister Cintron. He has been their ever since.

Bradley captured the hearts of people all over the world as pictures circulated of the tiny cub lounging around in hammocks, playing with spare tires, and being fed by rescue workers.

In the past five years, Bradley has grown into a healthy male moon bear and now weighs in at a whopping 324 pounds. His favorite activity still involves playing with tires, demonstrating how important it is to remain playful and positive, despite your previous struggles.

The captivity of Moon Bears is especially harmful as the species is endangered. Moon Bears, also known as the Asian Black bear, has a similar appearance to a brown bear and can be found in many Asian countries.

Bile farming is a practice in which bears are kept in captivity in order to harvest their gallbladder fluids for use in traditional Asian medicines. Unfortunately, this practice still exists in many Asian countries, although governments and volunteers are working tirelessly to protect and rescue these beautiful creatures.

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