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We tried Krispy Kreme’s new zombie doughnuts and we’re still coming down from the sugar high

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  • 2016

Krispy Kreme, you’ve gone and done it again.

Just when we thought we had all the kinds of doughnuts we could possibly want available to us, its latest limited edition sweet treats – in time for Halloween – are two zombie creations which we knew we needed in our lives as soon as possible.

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The green zombie is one of the new doughnuts – and when we say green, we really mean green – and is filled with a scarily scrumptious chocolate truffle Kreme. It’s then dipped in lime flavour icing. Now, we slightly questioned the addition of lime when we first saw it – but let’s be real here, when does a Krispy Kreme doughnut not deliver?

lime doughnut
(Krispy Kreme)

However, if you’re *really* not convinced by the lime, there’s another limited edition treat that’s also bursting with chocolate truffle Kreme, but is dipped in a blackcurrant flavour icing instead.

purple doughnut
(Krispy Kreme)

Our verdict? Well, our qualms about the lime flavour were kinda fair. The chocolate inside was obviously great, you can’t go wrong with that but we think we’ll stick to the blackcurrant one next time. FYI, both the zombies cost $2.30 each.

For those amongst us who like our Krispy Kremes nice and simple, there’s always the Halloween ring doughnut. Hand-dipped in gooey chocolate icing, topped with spooky sprinkles – what more could you want really? *eats two at once*

The Halloween range is available in all Krispy Kreme stores and Cabinets, but only from October 20 until, yep, October 31. So you should probably keep that in mind…

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Oh, and for $15.92 you can buy the Limited Edition Halloween box of a dozen doughnuts – which is literally all we’re going to be able to think about for the rest of the day now. Great.

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