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Weird Pepsi Flavors Exclusively Made in Japan

  • 29
  • 03
  • 2016

People buy and enjoy Pepsi around the world. Unfortunately, there are flavors that are available only Japan. Japanese business people are known to offer numerous unique products to consumers with the likes of weird Kit Kat flavors.

Pepsi is no different with its wide assortment of bizarre flavors that only those who set foot in Japan can enjoy. One of the most popular flavors with a fizzy treat is the Ice Cucumber variant. Feel cold and totally refreshed with this exotic flavor. It offers a blend of artificial tastes of cucumber juice in a pale green color.


Pepsi Pink Cola is another product that cool to the eyes and definitely refreshing to your taste bud. The carbonated beverage offers a strawberry milk flavor that every child in Japan loves. For those that want a twist of the Adzuki beans, the Adzuki Pepsi flavor is a runaway winner.

The Pepsi Salty Watermelon joins the peculiar drink bandwagon. It is popular during summertime and reflects a sweet and salty taste. Pepsi Blue Hawaii on the other hand is another beverage with a tropical summer fruit theme. It could taste like Ice Cucumber and shares the same neon color. Finally, Pepsi Baobab offers a tart taste with nutritional value.


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