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Who Are the 3 Official Asian Sponsors of the 2016 UEFA Euro Cup?

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  • 2016

The Euro Cup in France is one of the biggest sporting events of the year and by far the largest in Europe. The matches will be broadcasted live to 230 territories around the globe.

It is expected that on average 150 million people will follow each live game. This might even surpass the total 8.1 billion viewer tally from the 2012 Euro Cup.


All of this equates into large sums of revenue for the UEFA organization who does its best to put on a sporting spectacle for the billions of football fans.

The projections of UEFA’s revenue intake are to be roughly€1.9 billion for the tournament. When you break this down,€500 million euros will come from ticketing and hospitality, €1 billion from the sale of TV rights and €400 million from sponsors.

Of the 10 official UEFA Euro Cup 2016 sponsors 3 companies are Asian based; Hisense, Hyundia-Kia and Socar. What do we know about these firms?

The newly joined Hisense Group, a 46-year-old manufacturing giant leading the game in the electronics industry, is the first Chinese company to close a sponsorship deal with the UEFA in 56 year history of the Euro Cup tournament.

In previous years, Hisense has endorsed sports around the world as part of their marketing plan to grow the brand. Now as a global partner for UEFA EURO 2016, Mr. Cheng Kaixun, vice-president of Hisense Group, believes it will boost their brand value across the world as they bring millions of fans in China closer to the best of European football. Hisense is China’s largest tv brand and globally it is in third place behind Samsung and LG.


SOCAR is a national oil company known to be one of the largest fossil fuel corporations in the world. Currently it produces oil and natural gas with its main office in Azerbaijan, but is also strongly present in other countries such as Switzerland, Georgia, Turkey, Romania, Austria, the UK, Iran, Germany and Ukraine.

As a main sponsor of the football association in Azerbaijan, SOCAR signed up with the UEFA in May 2013. It is now an Official Sponsor of the UEFA European Football Championship and the 2016 UEFA European Under-17 Football Championship, which will take place in its own country.

Its focus as a partner is to expand its visibility worldwide through a unique platform and build a leading brand in the energy sector.


Lastly, the world renowned Korean car brand Hyundai/Kia is the senior of the group, having partnered with UEFA since UEFA EURO 2000.

Currently, it operates the world’s largest automobile manufacturing facility based in South Korea and employs around 75,000 employees worldwide.

Because of the long trajectory with UEFA, Hyundai/Kia now plays an important role in the logistical process of the UEFA Championships. As the official automotive partner, the automaker is the exclusive supplier of vehicles to transport the official championship participants to the stadiums, training bases and host cities.

As an active participant, Hyundai/Kia makes efforts to create activities and online promotions in order to enhance the fans experiences and interactions with the tournaments, such as ‘Be There with Hyundai’ and ‘Predictor’.

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