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New World of Warcraft Movie Will Be Released in China Two Days Before US Fans Will Be Able to See It

  • 08
  • 05
  • 2016

Anyone that has played a computer game or even just searched the internet would have heard the name “World of Warcraft,” commonly referred to as WoW.

It’s an online fantasy role-playing game that is extremely popular in China. More than half of the five million players come from China.

On June 8, the Hollywood film Warcraft will hit the screens in China, two days before fans in the US will be able to see the film.


The film contains a mix of Hollywood and Chinese actors, Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster and Dominic Cooper, with the popular Daniel Wu acting as a special draw for the Chinese fans. The popular Chinese actor has been heavily advertised in China. There are even alternate movie posters where Daniel appears front and center.

Recently, Hollywood films have been making an extra effort to attract the Chinese crowd, staging elaborate premiers and marketing schemes. Before the launch of the recent Star Wars movie, locals found thousands of storm troopers lining the Great Wall of China.


Despite strict control by the Chinese government and censorship issues, the game has surprisingly succeeded. However, Chinese players experience a modified version, where the violence, gore and even character design has been toned down. Skeletons now have skin and blood is a less offensive color.

On top of this, the government has insisted on a maximum playing time per day, fearing internet addiction among the youth. To combat this, an automated timer was installed.

China’s love of World of Warcraft goes beyond computer and movie screens. Fans are able to visit a WoW-themed restaurant and even a theme park in the city of Changzhou.


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