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World’s Most Expensive Grapes Sold in Japan

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  • 2016

Grapes are a fantastic little berry. It’s unlikely that anyone would argue with that. From the grapes themselves to the wines and sparkling juices that are produced, these delicious little treats have a place for almost everyone – if you can afford them.

Culinary culture has a way of developing the super-expensive, rare, and highly sought-after variants of most types of food and, as it turns out, grapes are no exception.

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A Ruby Roman bunch of grapes, the first of the Japanese season, have just sold in the Ishikawa prefecture for a record $11,000, this works out to around $360 per grape!

Who would buy these and for what possible purpose? Well, as it turns out, these items can be seen as a status symbol and are often used in Japanese culture as a gift to those of apparent importance.

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The buyer of this particular bunch, Mr. Takamaru Konishi, said he was happy with his purchase, so we can at least know he didn’t suffer the type of buyer’s remorse that many of us would experience having dropped a cool eleven grand on 150 grams of fruit.

Although unusual, sales of this magnitude aren’t unheard of in Japan, with two melons selling last year for over $12,000. Let’s hope these grapes are all Mr. Konishi hopes they are.


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