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Xi’an Granny Adopted Dozens of Dogs to Keep Her Company

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  • 2016

Don’t lie. If you’re a serious  dog lover, then you have definitely wanted to pick up every single stray wandering around lonely on the streets. Isn’t that right?

It seems that this is what this granny with a big heart from Xi’an has done. She didn’t care that her apartment had very little space. She has rescued dozens of dogs to keep her company.

granny with dogs2

Her last name is Zheng. Granny Zheng is 78 years old and lives a very modest lifestyle. After husband passed away, she was left alone to take care of herself and her daughter by working as a cleaner.

Kids grow up. When her daughter was a teenager, Granny Zheng opted for a dog instead of a television for entertainment. “Who knew that I would create such a bond with my first dog? I fell in love with these lovely creatures and started adopting them,” Zheng said.

Eventually, her daughter got married and became busy with her new life. So busy that she barely found time to keep in touch with her mother. As a result, all Granny Zheng knows is that she has a 10-year-old grandson.

granny with dogs3

Even though her daughter left home, Zheng’s was still happy with her loveable furry creatures to keep her company.

As Granny Zheng got older and she accumulated more and more stray dogs, neighbors complained about Granny Zheng’s collection. Zheng is open to giving her dogs away for adoption. Her only condition is that whoever takes them must have much love for dogs and will take good care of them.

Even though she is willing to give some away, Granny Zheng still wants to keep many as she says, “My dogs and I depend on each other. I can’t imagine a life without them.”

What would you do in Granny Zheng’s situation?

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