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Yamaha has built a drone to help the agricultural industry

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  • 2016

The drone market is about to become a little more crowded after Japanese manufacturer Yamaha revealed it has made its very own remote control aircraft aimed at industry.

The Fazer R, as the firm is calling it, is an “unmanned helicopter” that will be used in the agricultural industry with the aim of spraying chemicals on crops. The drone will be able to carry up to 32 litres of spray and can cover more than four hectares of land without the need to reload or refuel.

Fazer drone


The Fazer is set to be launched in November and will be guided by remote control.

It will come with a price tag of around 13.4 million Japanese yen – around £105,000.

Fazer drone


Before announcing the roll-out, Yamaha carried out tests of the drone and its spraying capabilities on vineyards in the US.

The Japanese firm is not the first to turn to drones for business use – Amazon is currently testing drones to deliver parcels in the UK.

The crafts are also becoming increasingly common as a means of capturing video footage, both for news organisations and recreational use – GoPro has just announced its first drone product.

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