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2016 – Chinese Year of the Monkey

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  • 2016

Every Chinese New Year has its house. The entire zodiac is divided into 12 of these houses. 2016 is the Year of the Fire Monkey. He is ambitious and adventurous, but very irritable. The years of the Monkey are generally considered to be unlucky for the people of same zodiac, but are very fortunate for Monkey’s friends: the Rat, Dragon and Snake.

Great unexpected fortune is very likely over the year. Therefore, it is advised to create change and put innovations in one’s life. Risks taken are likely to be rewarded. Absolutely anything can happen. Opportunities will arise from every corner, it is important not to miss out on them. The year can also be very treacherous if you trust the wrong people.

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Fire means passion and creativity. Both of these traits will be highly in demand for the upcoming year. On the other hand, monkey is considered a wise animal in Chinese culture, so you’d rather not jump ahead of yourself and make sure every risk is a calculated one. If you realize that the taken path is not giving any positive results, try a new one and do not get stuck on the analysis of the past.


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