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You will never be as hard as these Chinese soldiers taking a snow bath

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  • 2016

Think you’re a bit of a badman? Yeah, one time you dared to stay out past curfew, or you might not have bothered with a jacket when your mum told you it was cold out. Despite these acts of badassery, your achievements unfortunately pale in comparison to an average day in the life of a Chinese soldier.

Winter training for the soldiers isn’t a walk in the park, but rather a roll about in the snow.

Frolicking about and making snow angels this ain’t, because the soldiers are bare-chested in the -20℃ weather.

We’re not quite sure what scenario the soldiers are preparing for, but hey – that’s probably why we aren’t in charge of training the Chinese army.

Understandably, it’s all a bit awe-inspiring (and terrifying) for the more precious flowers amongst us.

Whereas others aren’t as fazed by the exercise.

However, we might stick to normal baths for now. Don’t worry: we still think you’re hard.

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