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You’re going to feel like a proud parent seeing these two orangutans return home to the rainforest

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  • 2016

Many of us will be making the long-awaited journey home for Christmas in the next few days. And, while we expect that to be very nice and everything, nothing will top these two orangutans returning to their home in the rainforest in Borneo.

Just look at them, climbing up the trees like they’ve never been away.

There two apes are eight-year-old male Johnny and 10-year-old female Desi, by the way.


(International Animal Rescue/PA)

Heartbreakingly, the critically-endangered animals were being kept as pets when they were saved.

But for the past four years, they have been learning to survive in the wild with the help of British charity International Animal Rescue.

And now look at them, swinging away.


(International Animal Rescue/PA)

They learnt some pretty impressive skills, thanks to the charity – how to climb (which they can definitely do well) and how to make nests for themselves to sleep in at night.

Well, good luck out there Desi and Johnny.

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