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You’re going to really enjoy this dad’s meltdown over how soft alpaca

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  • 12
  • 2016

While getting sent holiday snaps from your parents can be a jealousy-inducing situation – because, how dare they go away without you? – we’ve probably all received a selfie or two that we can’t help but smile at.

But our parents will now have to do something pretty spectacular on their next trip if they want to top this dad’s reaction to meeting an alpaca.

Alexandria Neonakis, from southern California, made the fantastic decision to share her dad’s holiday pics from Peru after he messaged her his, well, meltdown.

Accompanying a ridiculously adorable picture of a very happy-looking alpaca, Alexandria’s dad, who’s called Dimitris, wrote: “This was the absolute SOFTEST and most HUGGABLE animal ever.

“I just couldn’t stop hugging it and kissing it and putting my face on it’s thick soft wool.”

We honestly can’t decide who looks happier – Dimitris or the alpaca?

“It’s wool was so soft on my face it kept me laughing,” Dimitris said in another message. “That was the softest ever.”

And it’s not just us whose year has been turned around thanks to the joy of the alpaca encounter.

There have since been updates from Alexandria about her dad, which is all we’ve ever wanted really.


We don’t think we can ever be sad again now we’ve seen those holiday snaps; keep on living that alpaca dream, Dimitris.

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