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Zebra Invades a Japanese Golf Course

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  • 2016

Remember that old saying that you can lead a zebra to a golf course, but you can’t make him hit under par? No? That’s because there is no such saying, so if you said you remembered it, then you’re a liar.

Anyway, a golf course in the Japanese Aichi Prefecture recently had a visitor in the form of a zebra that had escaped from a local horseback riding club. The animal was apparently frightened by the skill of the players or, alternatively, was frustrated by the lack of zebra friendly golf-carts and ran out of control while being chased by animal control and the local police.


Unfortunately, the poor beast was so skilled at escape that the animal control crew had to resort to tranquilizing the frightened animal, which caused some sort of reaction and led to the death of the innocent animal.

So next time you see a zebra running free on the 15th green, consider treating it with a little more respect, and a little less worry and hostility, as these animals are deserving of nothing but our care and respect.

And yes, apparently some horse-riding clubs do employ the use of zebras.


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